Astute Recruitment Solutions provides many Recruitment Resourcing services but CV Sourcing is the main service and our prominent expertise. We have access to almost all premium UK Job boards and a team of talented Resourcers who are expert in Boolean searches. They create customized Boolean search strings for each vacancy by thoroughly going through the job description and job specifications. We source from thousands of Resumes from online job boards, search engines, online communities, groups and job portals and our wide internal database. In next step we do logical screening and shortlisting of candidates to provide our clients right candidates with right skills in the minimum span of time. So to help our clients remain a step ahead of their competitors while taking the best advantage of this age of technology by spending less all at once.

We work around the clock to get the job done at right time. We continuously look forward into different ways to expand our skills, knowledge and advance technology and ultimately to improve our services. We would love to be considered worthy of having a chance to demonstrate you that we can become your best strategic partner by sourcing for you quality candidates exactly what you want. We provide CV Sourcing services for entire scale from Junior/Graduate level positions to senior/Director level positions.


We believe recruitment is a diligent multifaceted process. When recruiters find great candidates, they want to quickly bring them in for an interview, and before conducting any face to face interview they want to be sure about candidates on certain points. Typically telephone interviews swiftly stream line in-person interviews. We help our clients in conducting those telephone interviews for preliminary scanning and selection of candidates. Our enthusiastic team of specialists works in UK time zones which enables a rapid and superior harmonized recruitment process streaming.

To provide our clients with best fitted candidates we offer our Pre-Qualification Service;

  • We catch the pool of candidates matching job’s requirements.
  • We reach out to these candidates for their updated resume.
  • We do 2nd level screening of shortlisted candidates by conducting a small telephonic interview.
  • We ask a round of technical questions for required skills as per client’s instruction.
  • We assess the candidates’ understanding of available job position.
  • We confirm readiness and interest of candidate along with salary hopes.
  • At the end of this Pre-Qualification process results are made available to our clients.

This process helps only the best go to the in-house recruitment team and with a final set of interview they can select candidates. So we help our client side recruitment process in simplified saving them time. Our round the clock services keep the process to move faster through a series of telephonic and email conversations.


The resume formatting services have become very relevant in today’s corporate world. Companies as well as the candidates require these services. At Astute Recruitment Solutions, we are offering the CV Formatting Services to companies and recruitment agencies all over the UK. This has given us a big scope of exposure also.

Most Important thing is making formatted CVs available as soon as possible. As In large Recruitment agencies it is the last step of recruitment process where they finalize a candidate and have to forward CVs to the final employers. This is where they have to compete with other agencies to make candidate available to employer before others. They require speedy responses and speed is one of our main expertise we format CVs in minimum time and return formatted CVs to clients and always keep them a step ahead in competition.


Better lead generation leads to better business and ultimately to better returns. While focused efforts to qualify business leads can lead towards efficient appointment setting and more productive conversations with prospects. We can help you spend less time on finding unproductive leads, and more time to closing deals. Yes, we are the right one to help you here. We have a team of experts who can do lead generation for you they will find contacts of potential buyers of your Recruitment products & services.

So take one thing off your to do list and outsource this service form us so you can eliminate a challenging management process. With us you can get professional guidance in lead generation and appointment setting, and of course timely results as our lead generation services are able to meet your future business needs. We provide you leads form open positions advertised by companies on the internet which are processed based on your requirements. That finalized information is then categorized and compiled in a database of your choice.


Astute Recruitment solutions have trained people with database management experience. Businesses spend a lot to develop their database but over time it could be caught up with errors and obsolete information causing to bog down the process. We can eliminate all that for you by using different techniques to ensure the smooth running of your agency.

ARS can assist recruitment agencies in updating existing candidate records on their databases, we find the candidates details and update the candidate’s records like skills, employer history, salary etc. so to make you available with updated candidate records in the internal database for rapid role matching. We will re-organize your database efficiently by remove duplicate and dead data whilst updating existing data. Plus we can optimize candidates from other sources and copy them over to your internal database.

Our Database Management Services Include:

  • Database Management
    • Web based
    • Desktop
  • Record maintenance and management
  • Contacts list generation & verification
  • Data entry

Do you want more out of your PA or back-end admin support? Get your business more of what you want with our Virtual Assistant services. We provide support for extensive range of Admin & Secretarial tasks including PA/Secretarial Support, answering phones, sending massages or email, LinkedIn account management, preparing presentation materials, edit and proofread documents and all other Virtual administrative Assistance Services. We love building lasting relationships with our clients to allow them to get the most out of their Virtual Assistant.